Person-Centred * Trauma-Informed * Systemic * Transpersonal

Hello and Welcome

I am currently accepting clients online or in person, with part time offices in Duncan and Saltair, BC. Whether you may simply seek a safe place to figure out what’s next or you are ready to dive in deeply to the root of a recurring life or relationship pattern, I offer you this space to explore and inquire, unpack and reconnect.

How to Begin

Begin with a 30-minute Free Consult or a 1-hour Insight Drop-In, which you can book online by clicking on them here, whether you are wanting a session in person or over Zoom.

To engage in a period of regular, ongoing sessions and/or Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy, complete an Online Intake and then book a 1.5 hour First Session (there is an online booking link at the end of the Intake)


To connect in another way, email me, or text me at 250-466-4015. Remember that my practice is part time, so you may not hear back from me on the same day you reach out.

Emergency Services

For emergency mental health services, please use your local emergency resources. Here on Vancouver Island, Island Health provides a number of them here.

If you are experiencing an emotional crisis, don’t give up, and don’t let anyone minimize what you are experiencing. It has value, there are people to talk to, and resources that will come to you by reaching out.

Jude has an amazing ability to hold space.
She is a skilled facilitator of realizations and change.

Welcome to the Session Space

Each person’s process is unique, calling for different resources, languages, influences, goals and ultimate outcomes. Person Centred, Relationship Based, Transpersonal therapies place each client as the ultimate expert on what is needed for resolution, with the goal of activating their own innate healing mechanism.

“In talk therapy and other theories,” one of my mentors says, “we have spent years communicating with the conscious mind. In this practice, we have learned [instead] to proceed slowly and listen carefully to the revelations of the deeper mind, body and spirit.”

Transpersonal therapies accept and utilize visions, dreams, and heightened states of awareness, rather than necessarily dismissing or labelling them as symptoms of illness. The subconscious has far more wisdom than the ordinary conscious mind.

Read more (coming soon) . . .

Sliding Scale Fees

Choose the fee that feels balanced for you, to the scale of your financial reality at this time. Adjust your fee as you go along.

Insight Drop-In (1.0hr)

First Session (1.5hr)

Ongoing Counselling

HC Hypnotherapy (2.0hr)

Keep in Touch

Session Space Quarterly 3-Newsletter includes news, offerings and reflections . . .


“I have had some deep releases and realizations during sessions with Jude and have felt real, tangible shifts in my perception of who and how I am in the world.”

Jude Wong (She/Her)

Registered Professional Counsellor Candidate
Interning in Depth + Transpersonal Therapies

Canadian Professional Counsellors Association #4226
Certified in Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy at The Wellness Institute
Level II Certification in The Way of Council

Jude Wong

Prior to entering professional training at The Wellness Institute and the well-respected program at Kelowna College of Professional Counselling, Jude has been immersed in experiential training, therapeutic group process, and psychotherapeutic work for a full decade, witnessing hundreds of personal healing processes in addition to her own, in a variety of therapeutic settings.

Jude is a person centred, mixed-race, relationship-based, and extremely multi-faceted facilitator. She is a fellow traveller, guide and navigator of the inner landscapes. A deeply compassionate listener, connector, and articulator, Jude seeks to support what is most needed for each person, in the timing and language of each unique process. Read more (coming soon). . .

“I was very surprised to see where I went
and how it worked. A part of my childhood
was resolved that day.”

Articles in the Cowichan Valley Voice:

Heart-Centred Counselling + Hypnotherapy

April 2022

Each pathway to resolution is unique, with its own rhythm, images, resources, and inner experiences.

What’s in a Memory?

September 2022

Trauma is essentially an experience that overwhelms our nervous system instead of creating a normal, healthy memory.

The Medicine of Listening

February 2023

On its own, the Listening Space is a powerful tool of movement from within. In group, we can multiply the power of this integrated practice.

Thank you for your interest, and all the best in
your search for the right kind of support for you or your
loved one at this time. Never give up — it can be a long road,
but it is, and you are, absolutely worth it.