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Jude Wong, RPC-C, Certified in Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy. Advanced Intern in Heart-Centred Therapies by Diane Zimberoff + David Hartman.

Integrated + Intuitive | Somatic + Trauma Informed | Transpersonal + Systemic

Find new ways to engage with life, become more aware, responsive, and connected from within.

“I was very surprised to see where I went and how it worked. A part of my childhood was resolved that day.”

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Heart-Centred Counselling + Hypnotherapy

HC Therapies value the phenomenon of shared and co-created space, as much as any clinical technique or intervention.

Viewing each client as the ultimate expert on what is needed for resolution, the Heart-Centered approach has been developed and refined for the last 40 years, by Diane Zimberoff, MA, LMFT, and David Hartman, MSW, at The Wellness Institute, in Washington, USA. “In talk therapy and other theories,” says Zimberoff, “we have spent years communicating with the conscious mind. As Heart-Centred clinicians, we have learned to proceed slowly and listen carefully to the revelations of the deeper mind, body and spirit.” Read more …

“It was a significant piece in my spiritual healing puzzle, hard and long worked for. Thank you deeply, for honouring the sacred. I felt I was in good hands.

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Choose the fee that feels balanced for you, to the scale of your financial reality at this time. Adjust your fee as you go along.

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Jude Wong — RPC Candidate
Certified in Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy

In the session space, I witness, reflect, and inquire from a deeply compassionate and wide-angled lens of human experience. I work with what arises most naturally, with a keen eye and ear for what is possible, most needed, and ultimately empowering from that place. More about Jude

Articles in the Cowichan Valley Voice

Heart-Centred Counselling + Hypnotherapy

April 2022

Each pathway to resolution is unique, with its own rhythm, images, resources, and inner experiences.

What’s in a Memory?

September 2022

Trauma is essentially an experience that overwhelms our nervous system instead of creating a normal, healthy memory.

The Medicine of Listening

February 2023

On its own, the Listening Space is a powerful tool of movement from within. In group, we can multiply the power of this integrated practice.

Namaste. Hy ch q’a. All My Relations. Aho.

Open Session Space

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