Practitioner of

Level II Certification in
The Way of Council

When we no longer know what to do, we have come to the real work, and when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey.


JUDE WONG (She/her)
The Body knows before Knowing.”

For the past decade, I’ve experienced personal psychotherapeutic work in a variety of settings, trained and served extensively in the practice of Systemic Family Constellation Work, Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy, and The Way of Council. Prior to entering professional training for certification as a counsellor, I had facilitated and participated in numerous group processes and had volunteered as a lay counsellor for 4 years at Cowichan Family Life Association.

Apprenticing with my own lived experience of childhood neglect, sexual abuse, depression, and complex PTSD, I have also witnessed countless other individuals in recovery from childhood trauma, addiction, codependency, and the long-term patterns these experiences can create. 

Other influences have included (NVC) Compassionate Communication, the study of Consciousness and Non-Ordinary States, Transpersonal + Soul Psychology, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Process Addictions, High-Sensitivity + Giftedness, the mind-body connection, and Holotropic Breathwork.

In the session space, I witness, reflect, and inquire from a deeply compassionate and wide-angled lens of human experience. I work with what arises most naturally, with a keen eye and ear for what is possible, most needed, and ultimately empowering from that place.

Whether you may simply seek a safe place to figure out what’s next or you are ready to dive in deeply to the root of a recurring life pattern, I offer you this space to explore and inquire, speak out loud, unpack and reconnect. Sessions can be illuminating, grounding, empowering, and transformative, in any order.

Namaste. Hy ch q’a. All My Relations.