w/ Jude Wong, Registered Professional Counsellor Candidate
Certified in Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy

What is Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy

Applying the sensory state of awareness to the therapeutic process, Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy is the ancient practice of hypnosis, developed and refined over the last 35 years, for modern use in the counselling process. We use a deeply relaxed, sensory state to bypass the busy mind, access and ‘rewire’ the root experiences of patterns, illnesses, and compulsive behaviours.

Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy facilitates a gentle and potent inquiry into life patterns, negative self-images, relationship patterns, addictions, overwhelming emotions, mental and physical illnesses. If there’s something you keep feeling, doing, or experiencing, compulsively or despite your best intentions, this type of session can help you understand why this is happening and ultimately change the pattern, from the inside out.

The process is self-paced, safely guided and influenced by each person’s inner world of imagery, senses, and meaning. Practitioners have specialized training in supporting, releasing, and regulating intense emotions and traumatic memories; and we have experienced the work ourselves, deeply and extensively. Many describe HCH as several sessions in one.

Integrated with modern, evidence-based practices in counselling psychology, HCH utilizes Parts Therapy, Gestalt, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and the concept of “re-wiring” the neuro-pathways of disease, as well as modern psychoanalytic, developmental, and behavioural theories; mindfulness, the mind-body connection, and transpersonal psychology.

What to expect during a session

HCH can feel like a guided, fully-embodied, and interactive state of meditation. It utilizes deep states of relaxation that allow you to explore and work with somatic experiences, stored memories, intense emotions, and other patterns within the nervous system. New pathways are created and deepened at the end of each session. Additionally:

  • We remain fully conscious of what is happening in the room and are easily able to recall the entire session.
  • We remain fully able to reject suggestion, with a heightened sense of inner knowingness, that ultimately guides the session.
  • Sights, sounds, sensations, smells, as well as memories and emotions are generally more accessible, heightened, and vivid, although we can also retain (or gain) full control over the intensity of these experiences.

Possible Outcomes

  • Discover and re-wire the root experiences behind intrusive emotions, compulsive behaviours, relationship patterns and chronic conditions.
  • Process and release traumatic experiences and emotions for renewed life energy.
  • Gain insight into one’s life patterns and overall purpose for renewed clarity and vision.
  • Recover the ability to authentically feel your emotions when you want to, and to titrate their intensity in your daily life.
  • Experience deep relaxation, physically and mentally, to interrupt old patterns in the nervous system.

Hypnosis vs. Hypnotherapy

‘Hypnosis’ and ‘hypnotherapy’ have been used interchangeably and they are two very different concepts. A professional therapist can easily learn to put someone into hypnosis, but then the question becomes, “what do I do now?” Just putting the person in the state of hypnosis and giving suggestions does not resolve the deeper issues.

Hypnosis mainly uses relaxation and hypnotic suggestions to address a behaviour. The effect lasts a few days or weeks. In hypnotherapy, we can regress, through the senses, to discover and re-wire the root experience(s) behind the behaviour. When anchored in the nervous system and strengthened by the client between sessions, new neuro-pathways and responses can be created permanently.

1-Hour Introductions for Individuals + Groups

Introductions are available online or in-person, individually or with friends, colleagues or family members, for $20-40 per person (see Sliding Scale Fees below). These include a verbal introduction and discussion, followed by a 30-minute experience of the sensory state utilized and a few minutes to debrief.

Intake Process

If we are new to each other, and in order for this work to be most effective, you will need to complete an Online Intake and a First Session (1.5hrs) before a full session of HCH (Sliding Scale Fees below). A First Session is a process of gaining perspective on the full internal, social, and medical landscapes surrounding your inquiry.

Full sessions are then booked approximately 1 week in advance. This allows me to hold the intention for the session with you, which is integral to the work. Full sessions also include specialized notes, for you to continue your work with, beyond your experience ‘in the room.’

HCH Online?

Having experienced HCH as a client for the last 10 years in person, training online for this work during a pandemic surprised and inspired me about working online. I can safely say that online sessions can be equally effective as in-person ones, with some simple preparations in your own space:

  • A comfortable surface to lie down, where you can remain in view of the camera (head and shoulders, not more than 4 feet away).
  • Good sound, without headphones, and solid internet.
  • Extra blankets and pillows, an ice pack and heating pad (or extra available layers).

Sliding Scale Fees + Cancellation Policy

Sliding Scale Fees reflect both the intention of accessible services, as well as my status as a Candidate Registered Professional Counsellor, working under supervision towards full designation with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association. Pay what feels balanced and in integrity for you at the scale of your financial position at this time.

* HCH Introduction (1hr) ……………….. $20-40
* First Session (1.5hr) ……………….. $100-175
* HC Hypnotherapy (2hr)……………. $175-225

Payments can be accepted by cash, e-transfer, or PayPal, and 24 hours notice is required for cancellation to avoid being charged. Thank you.

“I was able to access a key, belief-forming memory from my childhood and come to the realization that it has been a limiting belief throughout my life.”

It was a significant piece of my spiritual healing puzzle.
You have a beautiful system and set-up for your practice.”

Thank you, deeply, for your honouring of the sacred.
I felt I was in good hands.” 

(These testimonials appear with the expressed permission of their authors.)