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Relationships are part of humans’ ingenious and innate mechanism for healing. For the Other, we do the work we might not otherwise do, and this is the medicine. Relationships can ultimately make us better, happier people, if we know how to recognize patterns and ultimately transcend them.

As someone with keen and empathic listening skills, a gift for articulating the inner process; professional training, experience, and skills in the resolution of trauma, and a lifelong passion for communication, marriage and relationship counselling is a natural progression for me in my candidacy for full designation as a Registered Professional Counsellor.

Prior to my formal training at Kelowna College of Professional Counselling, I spent the better part of a decade studying and practicing feelings and needs based (Compassionate) Communication; witnessing and experiencing hundreds of interpersonal clearings in group process at The Wellness Institute, and conflict explorations in The Way of Council.

Back in my earliest days of healing and personal development, I also spent several years in the 12-step programs of both Codependents Anonymous and Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families, identifying healthy and unhealthy communication and relationship patterns and developing considerable depth in understanding how these patterns are formed and passed down the family lines. 

Where there is trauma, disconnect or unhappiness in a relationship, the first thing lost is so often the feeling of being seen and heard, revealing layers of isolation, abandonment, shut-down, anger or despair.  In couples therapy, we start with Seen and Heard, and go from there.

I might use word sketches to identify and explore patterns and core foundations; communication and clearing processes to build awareness and skills; or introduce tools for working with intense emotions and the effects of trauma.

Together, we will hold space for the truth of the relationship and navigate the way ahead.  You will be in good hands, with a well-travelled human and a very skilled, compassionate, and open-minded facilitator.

How to Begin

Begin with a 30-minute Free Consult or complete an Online Intake to engage in a period of regular, ongoing sessions. At the end of the Intake, follow the link to book a 1.5 hour First Session.

To connect in another way, email me, or text me at 250-466-4015. Remember that my practice is part time, so you may not hear back from me on the same day you reach out.