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What are Heart-Centred Therapies?

HC Therapies value the wide-angled, heart-centred space of the practitioner and the phenomenon of shared and co-created space, as much as any clinical technique or intervention.

Viewing each client as the ultimate expert on what is needed for resolution, the Heart-Centered approach has been developed and refined for the last 40 years, by Diane Zimberoff, MA, LMFT, and David Hartman, MSW, at The Wellness Institute, in Washington, USA. “In talk therapy and other theories,” says Zimberoff, “we have spent years communicating with the conscious mind. As Heart-Centred clinicians, we have learned to proceed slowly and listen carefully to the revelations of the deeper mind, body and spirit.”

Heart-Centred Counselling (HCC)

HCC acknowledges and utilizes the power of the subconscious mind, the wisdom of the body, and the synergy of the shared, dedicated, and co-created space between clinicians and clients.

In HCC, each pathway to resolution is unique, with its own rhythm, images, resources and inner experiences.

In the session space, I work with what arises most naturally, with a keen eye and ear for what is possible, most needed, and ultimately empowering from that place.

Whether you may simply seek a safe place to figure out what’s next or you are ready to dive in deeply to the root of a recurring life pattern, I offer you this space to explore and inquire, speak out loud, unpack and reconnect.

Sessions can be illuminating, grounding, empowering, and transformative, in any order. Read more about Jude . . .

Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy (HCH)

A modern version of the ancient form of hypnosis, integrated with a group of powerful psychotherapy techniques, HCH works with the nervous system in a relaxed and heightened sensory state, to locate the root experiences behind chronic emotional, social, and physical patterns.

Many say that it’s several counselling sessions in one. By reviving the experience fully into the nervous system in a safe, skilled and proactive way, we can heal and re-integrate it there, creating powerful and long-lasting changes.

While hypnosis aims to diminish symptoms; hypnotherapy locates the source of them and the inner medicine needed to overcome them. You will remain able to accept and reject suggestion throughout and will recall the entire session. Read more about Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy …

How to Begin

No ongoing commitment is necessary to benefit from the session space. Each of us finds our own way in, with our own timing and rhythm.

  1. You might start with a Free Consult to answer questions, connect, and see if I am a good fit for you at this time.
  2. From there, you might book an Insight Drop-In “as needed” to debrief or unpack a particular experience or two.
  3. For any period of sustained, semi-regular and ongoing sessions, including Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy, complete an Online Intake and book a First Session (1.5 hours).

Sliding Scale Fees

Choose the fee that feels balanced for you, to the scale of your financial reality at this time. Adjust your fee as you go along.

Insight Drop-In

First Session (1.5hr)

HC Counselling

2hr session

Fees are due at the time of your session, payable by cash, e-transfer, or PayPal. Twenty-four hours notice is required for cancellation, in order to avoid being charged. Thank you.

Thank you for your interest in Heart-Centred Therapies.


Jude Wong, RPC-C, Certified in Heart-Centred Therapies @ The Wellness Institute, USA. Registered Professional Counsellor — Candidate, with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association.

Integrated + Intuitive | Somatic + Trauma Informed | Transpersonal + Systemic

Cowichan Valley Holistic Centre | 416 Jubilee Street, Duncan, BC
In-Person + Online Sliding Scale Fees | Teens, Adults + Elders
e. facilitator@sessionspace.ca | c. 250-466-4015

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